Support learning and literacy opportunities in remote PNG through SEAM's School-in-a-Box and Making Books.


SEAM gratefully accepts donations of any size. Give once or become a regular donor. All donations go towards making SEAM viable as it delivers School-in-a-Box (target cost $20,000 per unit) and Making Books (target cost $3,000 per unit).

Regular donors of more than $500 per annum are eligible for free entry to SEAM's annual fundraising event.

Donate $5,000 and be eligible to join a donor tour to PNG to see School-in-Box in use and visit the villages in the fjords of Cape Nelson where SEAM has developed Making Books.


SEAM is inviting applications from potential volunteers with experience that could assist with:

+  Administrative management
+  Fundraising
+  Social media
+  Sourcing of educational, Making Books and literacy materials

Become part of the SEAM team, working closely with Stephen Collier and Drusilla Modjeska as we move into the delivery stage. For enquiries, please email

© Photo  Peter Bennetts  

© Photo Peter Bennetts