School-in-a-Box Prototype.

SEAM reached another exciting milestone today with a visit to see the very first of our prototype interior cabinets for School-in-a-Box. Stephen Collier Architects visited David Reddy Furniture in Bankstown to review their manufacture. The outer (secure) shell of each School-in-a-Box will have two of these cabinets stored inside them. Made out of marine-grade plywood, they are designed to provide reading and book-making resources. Weighing in at 45kgs each, they open up and out and up in 5 directions allowing groups and individuals to access their contents (and use them) all the way around. And when not in use, they close down into a compact & rectangular, easily moveable, box.

Below:  Photos of the 1:5 scale model of School-in-a-Box, made earlier this year and photographed by Andrew Southwood Jones from Kink Studios.

Help SEAM bring the creative learning experience of School-in-a-Box to remote communities. Target cost per unit, $20,000.

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