SEAM's School-in-a-Box provides a Creative Learning Environment for Making Books.


School-in-a-Box consists of a small central hub/box to house resource materials, a small library, equipment, computers etc. When closed it will be secure and weather-proof; opened, it will reveal shelves and a fold-out work space for the computers. This lockable box will be housed beneath a flexible roof, designed for energy and water collection. Beneath this roof, and around this resource hub, the community will build flooring, platforms and working surfaces from their own traditional building materials.

Designed by SEAM Design Manager, Stephen Collier of Stephen Collier Architects, School-in-a-Box is low in capital cost, economic to transport and brings good architecture into play with traditional modalities and materials for contemporary learning needs.


  • We work in Oro and Central Provinces.
  • Our teacher-managers will be trained at KTF Elementary & Primary Teachers College at Koo Koo Village, near Kokoda.
  • The highest achieving students will be eligible for School-in-a-Box to return with them to their village communities.
  • SEAM will liaise with communities eligible for School-in-a-Box. It will be delivered into the charge of the school committee.
  • SEAM will monitor, evaluate and replenish all School-in-a-Box.

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Help SEAM bring the creative learning experience of School-in-a-Box to remote communities.
Target cost per unit, $20,000.

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