In 2015, SEAM entered a partnership with KTF, an effective, well-managed NGO accredited with DFAT’s Australian NGO Co-operation Programme (ANCP). It works in health, education, livelihoods and leadership across Oro and Central Provinces.

SEAM will work with KTF’s education programme.

In 2015 the KTF Elementary and Primary Teacher Training College at Kou Kou village near Kokoda opened to 25 trainee teachers from remote communities. In 2016 it will extend to full capacity of 60 trainees. The training course runs for 40 weeks, in contrast to most existing training courses of 6 weeks. The college will be accredited with the National Education Department, and graduates will be posted by the Provincial governments back to their communities to teaching positions in village schools.


  • A prototype of School-in-a-Box will be installed at the KTF Elementary and Primary Teacher Training college. Its use will be integrated into the curriculum of the college, and its resources made available to nearby Kou Kou village.
  • A place at the college will be made available for a qualified trainee (Grade 10 or above) from Tainabuna School, Cape Nelson, where SEAM has developed School-in-a-Box and Making Books. A second place will be reserved either in year one or year two for an Ömie trainee.
  • Other pilot School-in-a-Box will go each year with the most successful graduates from remote schools for on-going support for their school and community. This ensures there will be trained teachers to manage each School-in-a-Box
  • All reading, art and other teaching materials will be integrated with, and extend, the college curriculum.
  • KTF/SEAM's Making Books nitiative will be incorporated into the training, to be used in, and for, the school and community


  • School-in-a-Box will be installed in 5 – 10 remote communities under the management of teacher graduates from the KTF college to support the school and to implement SEAM’s education objective Stage One.
  • Preparations will begin for the introduction of SEAM’s education objective Stage Two: Adult literacy and micro-enterprise training.

The partnership between SEAM and KTF will enhance the objective of both to create and support rich and creative learning environments.

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